1. Select the top journalists who could be interested in your business and company

Quality is the only way to achieve an important presence in the media. Select one journalist for each media, take care about his needs and try to win his confidence.

First concentrate efforts in financial newspapers offline and online like Expansión, Cinco Días, El Economista, El Confidencial, El País, El Mundo…

Second, open you media contacts to press agencies: Europa Press, Agencia EFE, Bloomberg…..

Third, wait that other journalists ask for you, answer their requirements and incorporate them in you media database.


2. Generate monthly content free for journalists.

Interesting content that help journalists write good stories is the best way to create confidence and trust with them.


3. Organize an event to introduce your company, but with news that can be used.

Spanish journalists are tired to be invited to events with the only objective to “sell” a company. Look for a story that is interesting for the media. Your company will be judged by the story, not by your fact sheet.

Journalists want to ask company representatives, to know in first hand plans, strategies and vision, but not through boring power point promotional presentations. If your CEO tells a good story about your company, we can assure you to achieve interviews that will be published.

Prepare with you PR agency the story, train your CEO and think about the right event, then align everything with your business objectives.

4. Sent a quarter press release

Only if your activity generates a lot of information about your company, it is necessary to maintain the journalists permanently informed. Think that your monthly contact with the media is your white paper.

If you have very important news, call the journalist and invite them to a meeting. Personal contacts create thrust and reinforce credibility.

After six months working with top journalists, you can be sure that they will listen to your story, understand it and have confidence in your company.

5. Be patient.

Your company is not very known. It takes time to win the journalists confidence. Don’t push them to publish your information. Answer its requirements, invite them for personal meetings in your headquarters, let your PR agency do their work and complement yours.

Explain your success story and your vision in each market.

The only way to succeed is to build a Communication Plan with medium term goals.

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